Sheby Mix Investment

Who We Are

Sheby Mix Investment is a multi-disciplinary goods and service rendering company, with proven capabilities over a wide range of different technical fields in the multi Industry since 2013. The company is a private firm based in Mtwara, Tanzania dedicated to providing high-quality supply Services management expertise and more. The company have strategic offices all over the country.
High Quality Services 99%
Respect & Trust 99%
Integrity 99%


To provide state-of-the-art management supplying services to public and private sectors in order to help them create solutions and produce sustainable...


To be the leader in providing business services and supplies for both the public and private sector in Sub – Saharan African countries.

Core Values

Our core values include; High-Quality Services, Professionalism & Teamwork, Integrity, High Client Focus, Continued Learning, Creativity...
Sheby Mix Investment has 10 years of experience.

We have served Tanzania’s leading brands in the past, which gives us the confidence and experience to do better with your business.



Years of Experience


Completed Projects


Vehicle Fleet


Our Services

The firm has an office organisational structure which clearly shows how effective and efficiently its performance of the core duties can be achieved.

Procurement, Logistics & Road Patrol

Our company provides a range of cargo handling activities to our clients. among them include: Logistical Services, General Procurement Services, Clearing and forwarding Services, Storage and Warehousing.

Production Management

Our company offers clients various management activities, currently, the company is specialized in the provision of production management. we have experts hired for various industrial production activities.

Cleaning Services

We have been in the supply of cleanness services to our clients since the establishment of the company, the cleaning services involve clients from public offices, private offices and individuals who may seek all sorts of cleaning services.

Mining Services

We have a mineral license to mine and export the following Gypsum, Coal, Lithium, Gem Stones, Nickel, and Gold. Sheby Mix Investment provides tailor made consulting services across the full geological spectrum. Client requests are handled fast and with the topmost confidentiality.
We offer Clearing & Forwarding Services

We have all our trucks fitted with GPS tracking systems which enable tracking of cargo as it is moved from one point to another.

We enable our clients to get the fast and efficient services that they deserve.