Sheby Mix Investment

Procurement, Logistics & Road Patrol

Our company provides a range of cargo handling activities to our clients. among them include: Logistical Services, General Procurement Services, Clearing and forwarding Services, Storage and Warehousing.

Logistical Services

We maintain a comprehensive fleet of vehicles located throughout Tanzania. We can provide total asset movement and control, and in-house dispatch. Tracking and security. We have a dedicated team of professionals fully vetted, licensed national drivers, trained and tested to meet the most challenging engagements under the most stressful conditions. When you need the job done right, you need Sheby Mix Investment. Anybody can move goods from A to B. The difference is how you do it, and the work you do before and after. We give you the freedom to concentrate on the things you are best at. As Experts in logistics, we know about processes that will ultimately make your day easier and more effective.

General Procurement Services

Sheby Mix provides a full range of best-in-class procurement services that empower businesses to expand their markets, drive innovation as well as capture and leverage suppliers. We are a truly Procurement organization, supported by teams which help to source the best quality products and ensure that strategic partnerships can be created as well as fostered. Sheby Mix raises the quality level of procurement based on expertise, governance, transparency and knowledge. easier and more effective.

Clearing & Forwarding Services

Sheby Mix also offers cost-effective and timely clearing and forwarding services both for sea and air shipments in Dar es Salaam and Tanzania. We provide the full range of customs clearing and international freight Forwarding services. We have experienced Customs Clearing personnel that will assist with tariff classification, audits and detailed costs. Choosing Sheby Mix assures you of accurate, speedy and efficient customs clearance and freight forwarding.
We are specialized in clearing and transporting all types of containerized cargo like 20' 40' standard high cube Hardtop, open-top, flat racks and insulated refrigerators. We have built a good reputation with well-established shipping line companies for the past 7 years and this resulted in good relationships with them. The company handles imports from various parts of the World to Tanzania, and neighbouring countries such as Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo Brazzaville, Zambia, Malawi and other countries.

Storage & Warehousing

By understanding our customers' requirements and anticipating their business and logistics needs, Sheby Mix provides ft-for-purpose and client-specific warehouse storage solutions by managing and operating customized storage space. Our world-class facilities are operated by trained employees who are enabled by advanced technology systems and deploy safe and purpose-built materials handling equipment. Our warehousing professionals receive inventory and fulfil important product shipments or orders on a one-time or recurring basis. In addition, we will warehouse items for the short and long-term and provide you with regular status reports. Utilizing Sheby Mix for inventory, kitting, packaging, and shipping of your stored items at the same location will reduce costs and allow you to maintain the quality of stored items.
Sheby Mix Investment has 10 years of experience.

We have served Tanzania’s leading brands in the past, which gives us the confidence and experience to do better with your business.



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