Who We Are

Sheby Mix Investment is a multi-disciplinary goods and service rendering company, with proven capabilities over a wide range of different technical fields in the multi Industry since 2013. The company is a private firm based in Mtwara, Tanzania dedicated to providing high-quality supply Services management expertise and more. The company have strategic offices all over the country.
We enable our clients to get the fast and efficient service that they deserve. We have the capability to ensure that Sheby Mix Investment customers enjoy the service provided that is characterized by effective customer care, and modern and quality products which are achieved through excellent aggressive marketing strategies, valuable experience in the business together with strong financial muscles, technical expertise and moreover our application for a sophisticated approach to the esteemed and potential customers of Sheby Mix Investment.
Sheby Mix Investment

Legal Status

The firm was established and registered on 22nd March 2013 in Dar es Salaam as per the Business Name (Registration) Act. (Cap 2013) with a Registration Number and a Tax Identification Number 105 – 251 – 858. Sheby Mix Investment operates its services with total management solutions for it serves almost all kinds of supplies. The firm has a clearly stated defined vision as well as an articulated mission which serve as guidelines to achieve its operational strategic objectives.
Sheby Mix Investment

Our Mission, Vision & Core values

To provide state-of-the-art management supplying services to public and private sectors in order to help them create solutions and produce sustainable results for effective management of their business activities through the highest calibre of quality work using highly educated and motivated suppliers.

To be the leader in providing business services and supplies for both the public and private sector in Sub – Saharan African countries.

Our core values include; High-Quality Services, Professionalism & Teamwork, Integrity, High Client Focus, Continued Learning, Creativity, Respect and Trust.

Sheby Mix Investmen Firm Model

Sheby Mix Investment follows a peculiar FIRM MODEL for all its operating modalities. The model follows a department-based approach whereby the departments work as integrated entities with a total quality management focus. The business model defined clearly the role of each department towards the progress of the firm as a whole.
Sheby Mix Investment has 10 years of experience.

We have served Tanzania’s leading brands in the past, which gives us the confidence and experience to do better with your business.



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We enable our clients to get the fast and efficient services that they deserve.