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Cleaning Services

We have been in the supply of cleanness services to our clients since the establishment of the company, the cleaning services involve clients from public offices, private offices and individuals who may seek all sorts of cleaning services.
To satisfy our numerous clients, our services cover a whole range but not limited to the following:
Cleaning/Janitorial services
Sanitation consultancy
Urban sanitation
Pest control

Our competencies

Exterior cleaning (Fumigation & Horticulture Services)
Executive House keeping
Construction clean-up
Sanitation consultancy
Interior cleaning
Spring cleaning

Cleaning Services SOP

Removing dust and cobwebs.
Cleaning all office floors and corridors daily by applying water with soap once
Empty office bins every day
Shine the window glasses daily
Cleaning the office floors (mopping up) and collecting any litter
Ensure that staff are not disturbed during the cleaning exercise
Apply water and soap to the floor twice a week
Carpet cleaning and shampoos
To care for furniture by removal of dust and shining
Removing dust from office seats every day to ensure total cleanliness of the offices
Cleaning lounges, and administration offices and supplying them with air freshness, soap and towels and washing them every day
Cleaning the floor carpets of the offices
Clean urinal and sinks in the water closets and all the related areas
Supply liquid soap for liquid dispensers for hand washing regularly
Disinfect toilets by applying effective disinfectants
Supply soft toilet papers to all toilets regularly
Sweep and mop toilet floors
Remove stains from floor and walls tiles
Sheby Mix Investment has 10 years of experience.

We have served Tanzania’s leading brands in the past, which gives us the confidence and experience to do better with your business.



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