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Mining Services

We are one of the leading mining companies in the sub-region, we have a mineral license to mine and export the following Gypsum, Coal, Lithium, Gem Stones, Nickel, and Gold. Sheby Mix Investment provides tailor made consulting services across the full geological spectrum: We engage high-caliber Senior Geological Consultants and use our ongoing international affiliations to help support our team in providing unique geological solutions anywhere in Tanzania. Client requests are handled fast and with the topmost confidentiality.

Metal Ore Mining

Sheby Mix Investment provides the services needed to determine the viability of new mining projects. We offer our services to the metal industries such as gold, lead, copper, silver, zinc, and heavy sands mining, including:
Analysis of reserves, exploration, and minerals testing
Technical feasibility, energy efficiency, and environmental studies
Maintenance and process audits for the optimisation of mining operations.
Mine planning and design
Implementation of safety plans and procedure
Operational improvement and management consulting
Economic, market, and financial studies

Metallurgical Processes

Sheby Mix Investment offers extensive experience in your metallurgical processes and operations. Our team consists of industrial metallurgical experts who are highly qualified and capable to investigate and find solutions to improve your existing operations. We will independently assess our findings and recommendations in a thorough and clear report. We have considerable knowledge of extractive metallurgy. Our workforce has many years of experience in the physical and chemical processes for separating and concentrating raw materials and has provided engineering to cover all aspects of this operation, from crushing and grinding the ore to concentrating, smelting, casting, and refining processes. We have demonstrated leadership when providing material characterisation studies for the extraction of metal ores. Minerals deposits are analysed using state-of-the-art microscopy technologies and computer software to identify and determine ore deposits for metal manufacturing.
We have been active participants in projects that involved areas of hydro-metallurgical and pyro-metallurgical treatment of various types of ores for the benefaction and recovery of copper, gold, silver, platinum, zinc, lead manganese, uranium, vanadium, zirconium, molybdenum, nickel, and the rare earth. Our experts in the field of lead processing have in-depth knowledge of lead production, smelting of lead materials, refining, and material design. Our services have been provided with an understanding of the environmental impact when establishing processing parameters. We have participated in environmental improvement projects, major plant expansions, and modifications, including smelters, ductwork, barge unloading facilities and truck-loading stations We offer the following services in the mining sector
Scoping Studies/Reconnaissance
Pre-feasibility Studies
Feasibility Studies
Tenement Management
Sampling Programs
Property Appraisal and Evaluation
Reporting exploration results
Resource & Reserve Reporting
Resource & Reserve Estimation
Minimum Work Programs
Progress Report
Quarterly Report
Mine Plan & Design
Processing of Mineral Titles
Community Development Agreement
Fuel Storage Facility
Sheby Mix Investment has 10 years of experience.

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